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5 Mistakes Adults Make
Learn how to avoid the 5 mistakes adults make with growing teens. The regular price for this program is £159* so grab this special offer while you can! Use code: T4T75 at checkout
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With the many different masks anxiety uses to hide itself from others, can you tell the difference between 'typical teen' behaviour and the body language and traits that lead to very real anxiety?
When it comes to education, are you aware that you may well be contributing to the pressure your teen is already under? Students gain the best results when their wellbeing and expectations are managed.
It's time to tackle those behaviours that are pushing teens and adults further apart. The sad fact is most adults are not aware that they are contributing to the problem on a daily basis. 
In this program we will give you the most powerful tips that you can use to help train your teens to tap into their  potential,  turn up the traction on their talent and track their progress.
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Get started today by registering for this practical and informative program. When you purchase the Time 4 T.E.A - 5 Mistakes Adults Make program you will get the accompanying guides to each module. These easy to follow guides will help you to unlock the secrets to improving your relationships. As a result you will be able to give your teens the tools they need to succeed. You will also have *exclusive access to additional coaching.
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5 Mistakes Adults Make program for just £159 £39!
This program along with the accompanying workbooks and progress journals give you the keys to unlock the door to an improved relationship with your teen during their most critical years in education.

There have been numerous studies that support the fact that parental involvement during a childs education can have an extremely positive impact if conducted in a constructive manner. Conversely the same studies have shown that parents, guardians and mentors can unwittingly add to the already crushing pressure teens are under during their exam years.

This program will give you a deeper understanding of how you can be more constructive with your support and help your teen to reach their full potential.
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